Xmas Holiday Mini Session Rules 2021

有幾點注意事項請大家特別注意: - 地址是在: 8800 Foster Rd Richmond. - 如果拍攝有準備鞋子要入鏡,請將鞋子底下貼上乾淨的膠帶,如果是新鞋就不需要。 - 服裝請大家穿好直接到現場,因為到現場才換衣服會減少你們拍攝的時間,影響拍攝的品質。 - 為了維護你們一家人拍攝的時間和品質,請務必「準時」或建議可以提早十分鐘到,以保證你們可以有足夠的時間完成你們的拍攝,時間到我們就會結束拍攝,進行消毒的動作,維護大家的健康和安全。 - 停車可以停在屋子的門口,或是旁邊的街上,務必不要停到鄰居的位置。請進出的時候盡量保持音量的低調,不要過於喧嘩。 - 如果有不需要參與拍攝的家人或朋友同行,請停留在車上,我們盡量減少人多的接觸機會。 - 若近期有身體不適或者生病發燒,不克前往,請提前通知我們。 - 拍照結束後約7-14天可以收到預覽相簿。請從當中挑選你最喜歡的十張5x7,或者五張8x10圖檔。 - 最終的電子底片會以dropbox的方式發送,或者放置往上相簿中下載。 謝謝大家,期待見到你們~ There are several points for attention, please pay special attention to: - The address is 8800 Foster Rd Richmond. - If you have prepared shoes to be photographed, please put clean tape under the shoes, if they are new shoes, you don't need them. - Please wear your clothes and go straight to the scene, because changing your clothes at the scene will reduce your shooting time and affect the quality of the shooting. - To maintain the time and quality of your family’s photo session, please be 'on time'. We suggest that you can arrive ten minutes earlier to ensure that you have enough time to complete your shooting. When the time is up, we will end the shooting session and perform the disinfection action. Maintain everyone's health and safety. - You can park at the door in front of the house, or on the street next to it. Be sure not to stop at the neighbours. Please keep the volume as low as possible when going in and out, and respect others. - If you have family or friends who do not need to participate in the shooting, please stay in the car, we try to minimize the chance of contact with crowds. - If you are unwell or had a fever recently, please notify us in advance if you cannot make it for the session. - The online gallery will be provided later 7-14 days after the session. Please choose the best 10 for 5x7 digital negatives or 5 for 8x10 negatives - Chosen pictures will be delivered via dropbox or downloadable from the gallery. Thank you everyone, and look forward to seeing you~