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Vancouver Fashion Week

Vancouver Fashion Week definitely is the one of VanCity highlight event. It is also a great fun time to see my gorgeous friends. We gather together and cheer for the beautiful fashion design. Allow me to introduce you my dear friends through the pictures. Let cheer and let this magical joyful energy flow. 13571296-201409151312_4804 13571296-201409151275_4767 13571296-201409150065_3539 13571296-201409150043_3517 13571296-201409150041_3515 13571296-201409150039_3513 13571296-201409150034_3508 13571296-201409150026_3499 13571296-201409150020_3493 13571296-201409150017_3489 13571296-201409150015_3487 13571296-201409150011_3483 13571296-201409150007_3479 Feel free to check out Vancouver Fashion Week SS2015 opening gala designers’ showcase fashion show: Round #1 & Round #2