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Xmas Holiday Mini Session

A big thank you to everyone who supported our Xmas mini session last year. The family unit involved in the mini-session exceeded our expectations. This year we found a brand new location and had the pleasure of partnering with MiiX Interiors to bring you and your family fresh new looks. Let’s be excited to announce the 2022 limited-time offer is open for pre-orders

非常感謝去年支持我們的所有人。參與拍攝的家庭單位完全超出我們的預期。今年我們找到了一個嶄新的地點,並有幸與MiiX Interiors合作,為您與您的家人帶來不一樣的全新風采。讓我們熱烈地宣布 2022年限时优惠方案開放預約!

Mini Session Rules

* Please enter 10 minutes before your reserved photo session. Arriving late may result in your disqualification or shorten your session

* 請在您的預約拍攝前10分入場。遲到可能會導致您失去拍攝資格,或者損失您的拍攝時數

* Free parking spots are available

* 現場有提供免費停車

Photo Session Detail

Date // November 5th to 13th
Time // weekend 10am to 7pm & weekday TBA
Location // 101-  5520 Minoru Blvd, Richmond (MiiX Interiors)

* 20-minute photo studio mini session 

* 20分鐘拍攝寫真

* two Christmas theme backdrops

* 兩個聖誕主題佈景 

* one family unit (including 2 adults and max 3 children) any extra adult/child is $25 + GST /per person 

* 一个家庭单位(两位成人+ 最多三名孩童)任何額外的成人與兒童每位是 $25 + GST

* Xmas mini session special deal is $300 + GST.

* 聖誕優惠套餐 $300 + GST

* package includes a review gallery, light image editing and ten 8×10 (3000 pixels) downloadable digital images of your choice

* 攝影套餐包含預覽相簿、十張自選簡修可自行下載電子圖檔8×10 (3000相素)


phone / 電話 — 778.223.5697 Natalia

WeChat / 微信 — ID canadawife

EMT 電子轉帳 to [email protected]


* Full payment is required for reservations. Please EMT to [email protected]. In addition, please provide your name, appointment time and the name used for EMT when making an appointment, so that the staff can register and confirm it for you

* 預約拍攝需全額付款。請EMT至[email protected]。另外預約時請提供姓名、預約時段及EMT所使用的名字,以方便工作人員為您登記與確認。

* No refunds after booking (cancellation or missing the session will receive a photo credit towards any sessions in the future) 

* 預訂後不予退款 (取消或錯過拍攝可將其用作將來使用)

* The preview gallery will be ready within 1-2 weeks after the photo session

* 線上預覽相冊將在拍攝後1-2個星期工作日後公布

* Extra digital copy is $40 + GST with light touch up

* 額外電子圖檔含簡修服務的金額是$40 + GST

* The maximum amount for extra digital negatives is $400+GST. Once the maximum is reached, the buyer is automatically granted the right to receive all digital images

* 額外購買電子圖檔最高金額上限是$400+GST。達到即可獲得全部電子圖檔

* Fine digital editing (including complex retouching treatments such as hair finishing, skin treatment, clothing finishing, etc.) is available with an additional $15 + GST /per image

* 提供額外精修服務 (包含頭髮整理、膚質處理、衣物整理等繁複的修圖處理) 金額是每張$15 + GST