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Event | 紀實
LunarFest 2015 Year of Sheep. LunarFest Vancouver 2015 brings many little sheep as art display in front of Vancouver Art Gallery. LunarFest 2015 It is fun and cute to see so many lovely display cute sheep lining together spread out the ground. LunarFest 2015 From high bird-view, it is not hard to notice two Chinese characters showed in front of viewers’ eyes. The two letters are mean lucky and sheep. It means to bring good fortune to everyone who visited. LunarFest 2015 I enjoy this artist sheep the most. It is cleaver to combine traditional elements and material for the design. It really turns simple display into a beautiful collection. LunarFest 2015 Of course, the dragon dance is one of the highlight at Lunar New Year celebration in Chinese tradition. To play this dragon requires solid material base and technics. LunarFest 2015 All the gorgeous performers are camee from National University of Tainan and high school of Taiwan. LunarFest 2015 I truly enjoy the dragon dance which different than traditional style. Watching different kind of dragons playing on the stage. LunarFest 2015 Especially the last dragon, Lotus Dragon, the most fascinating one. Performer assemble the dragons by lotus flower on the stage. And playing this unique one under the black light to demonstrate the fluorescent effect. LunarFest 2015 This year, LunarFest date has meet up the Lunar New Year celebration and Chinatown parade which attracts more people and tourism more than ever. I am look forward to see what surprise LunaFest will showcase next year. Happy Lunar New Year!!