Cosplay | 角色扮演

Vancouver Cosplay Photographer | 溫哥華Cosplay寫真攝影:Re:從零開始的異世界生活 – Rem 雷姆

Rem with the mask gives that mysterious touch. Attract your attention to pictures and guess the face under the black face mask.


My heart, my everything, is only for you.


This is her first experience in cosplay and a real studio setting photoshoot. I am honoured to have her dress and play this iconic character from world-famous anime.


The shooting process was unexpectedly smooth, even with zero experience, the preparation, styling, and action performance were all so dedicated.


Come into my arms


I am sincerely honoured to be able to shoot at Patisserie Fur Elise, the Vancouver historical building. And it’s one of the unique high tea places located in downtown Vancouver with an elegant and vintage atmosphere.

非常榮幸能夠在溫哥華歷史建築Patisserie Fur Elise中拍攝。它是溫哥華市中心獨特的下午茶場所之一,氣氛優雅且復古。

This is the first part of Rem. Stay tuned for the second one that is coming soon.


Photo Credits //

source: Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 / Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World
character: #rem #雷姆
coser: @rin_nnmio
styling: @no.r_ain
photo: @kunacosplay feat @kunaportrait @cosplay
editing: @rinnnsal @kunaphotography
location: @patisseriefurelise


Beauty | 彩妝造型, Fashion | 時尚, Portraiture | 人像寫真

SilkRoad Super Model Academy – Doreen Wang


She is my good friend, a talented, knowledgeable and confident girl.


This is our bold attempt and innovation. The styling is something that she has never touched before. We simply only use one backdrop paper, plus lights and colour gels trying to bring out the different looks of Doreen Wang.


A girl from China, revealing the temperament of the Western supermodel. Her poses and movements are precisely and vivid in front of the camera.

這位來自中國的女孩,透著西方超模的氣質。 她的姿勢和動作在鏡頭前準確、生動且內斂。

Special thanks to our talented makeup artist Summer. Without her, there would be no such vivid works this time. thank you so much!!


model: @doreen_nn
make-up/hair: @summerluomua
photo: @kunaphotography