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Vancouver Portrait Photographer | 溫哥華人像寫真攝影:漢服冬雪

To accomplish things, sometimes we really need some luck at the right time and place.  This Hanfu photoshoot is due to such a coincidence.


Since it was during the Christmas holidays and the weather was awful and snowy, a suitable shooting day was hard to come by.  On the one hand, it needs a day without snow and rain, and it must be before the snow melts. Furthermore, it must be a day that is convenient for all participants involving the photography session.  Thinking about it seems like a mission impossible.  However, we were blessed and happened to meet all the conditions on that only day. Surprisingly the weather was sunny, and we could feel the kiss of sunshine. Thankfully, all of our ideas could be fulfilled. Thank you!


In addition to being able to withstand the cold when shooting in snow, there are more realistic challenges in actual execution.  This time, we encountered the biggest snowfall in Vancouver in the past 70 or 80 years. Walking will be difficult due to the deep snow covering, and it is even more challenging for models with long skirts.  It will also cause the dilemma of missing half of the legs and feet in the shooting picture because the bottom part of the body is stuck in the snow.  The shooting process was also sluggish due to the impact of frozen fingers, and the brain function and reaction were reduced. It is so hard to concentrate and think much while shooting. Ha.  These are some behind-the-scenes secrets and challenges of shooting snow scenes.


Originally, the model wanted to try to shoot in a park. Due to the difficulty of walking and the fact that there are tall buildings behind and the high contrast created by sunlight, we gave up the original plan and resolutely chose the location nearby.  On the one hand, it conforms to the original quiet blue tone setting, and all the details of the shape and clothing can be more completely preserved under the shadows; it allows the model to interpret the vicissitudes and desolation of the winter snow perfectly.  I also tried to enter the community on the side and chose to use rocks and trees as the background to give full play to the wild atmosphere of the natural green.


Later, on the way to our commute, we accidentally found this perfect spot next to the road. A place where small red fruits are on the trees, adding a neat red colour touch to the white. And matching red brick on the side to give more visual and story elements in the camera frame. Everything seemed to be a little surprise presented in front of our eyes;  A perfect shooting condition and environment.  Immediately, I pull over my car next to the road and get myself ready to shoot for my hard-working model.


This is our very first collaboration, and it was a rare snow scene opportunity. It makes our first experience to be a difficult snow scene HanFu photoshoot.  I’m distraught that the model will be frozen in a daze!  Especially compared to me who is wearing a big coat. I couldn’t stand the cold wind while my model tried so hard to perform in such light clothes. I honestly feel thankful for my model who accomplished the difficult task of producing these breathtaking photographs. 


The outcome we received was way beyond expectations!  Thanks to model Catherine for her full assistance and interpretation. For best quality results, she hardly sleeps the night before for preparation. Sincerely feel thankful for everything went extremely well during the photography session so all the plans can be fulfilled. Especially we bump into that perfect shooting spot, it really made our day! 

成品出乎預期的好!感謝模特Catherine 全力協助與演繹,為了最好的成品,幾乎沒睡在努力的她。感謝天公作美,讓一切計畫能實現,更錦上添花讓我們有幸拍的預期之外上上作的機會。


Photo Credits //

model: @catch_catherine
styling: @catch_catherine
location: @vancouver
photo: @kunaphotography @kunacosplay @kunaportrait
editing: @catch_catherine @kunaphotography


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SilkRoad Super Model Academy – Doreen Wang


She is my good friend, a talented, knowledgeable and confident girl.


This is our bold attempt and innovation. The styling is something that she has never touched before. We simply only use one backdrop paper, plus lights and colour gels trying to bring out the different looks of Doreen Wang.


A girl from China, revealing the temperament of the Western supermodel. Her poses and movements are precisely and vivid in front of the camera.

這位來自中國的女孩,透著西方超模的氣質。 她的姿勢和動作在鏡頭前準確、生動且內斂。

Special thanks to our talented makeup artist Summer. Without her, there would be no such vivid works this time. thank you so much!!


model: @doreen_nn
make-up/hair: @summerluomua
photo: @kunaphotography


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SHINE! 2016 | The Essential Designer List

On September 10th,  2016 An all-star cast of 200+ volunteer models, dancers, actors and musicians — sponsored by volunteer local fashion designers, top hair stylists and make-up artists — created an avant garde themed extravaganza on the runway, all in support of mental illness & those living with addictions. Over 900 guests came out to support and enjoy an unforgettable evening of fashion, fun and entertainment for the inaugural year of SHINE!p>SHINE! 2016 was a huge success!!  I was so proud and honored to be on the team this year as the Official Fashion & Lifestyle Correspondent.  I had so much fun conducting interviews leading up to the event, and building the social media buzz! Thank you so much to Dean Thullner for creating such an imaginative event which was a fabulous way to give back, with communities helping communities. I also want to tip my hat off to the whole team & participants for their hard work and organization! I sat down post-SHINE with the Lead Stylist, the incomparable Miss Dani Barnes | House Of Barnes, who gave me a few of her Lead Stylist notes on each of the 14 Fashion Designers who showcased their talents at SHINE! 2016. I can’t wait until next year, and I am still feeling the afterglow!

Still gagging over the eleganza that was SHINE! 2016? Want to look up some of the amazing designers? Here’s our Essential List! – Justin Voitic

Take it away Dani ‘House of Barnes’! 

Tracy Cole // Volume Studio

It was an honour to see Tracy’s extreme imagination come forth in this collection. I love when designers produce lines that have a little bit of everything in them. From a full length tassel onesie to suiting for dapper ladies. My eye is on that black vest with the glitter smiley face…Loved it!!

Doris Granados // Salon Origins

A Blanche Macdonald grad with some seriously unique style! Who knew quilted pants were a thing…now we know. Doris is a genius, starting with a colour pallet that strikes me as unusual (red and lime green) then somehow pulling the whole concept together like it was a classic pan-tone set. Delicious.

House Gallery Boutique // Brush

The black and white striped lady boss jacket saves my life just by existing. April Peters is a woman who has inspired me for years! Her designs are otherworldly, absolute top quality and wearing anything of hers makes one not only feel like but become royalty.

Carolyn Bruce Designs – Steampunk Jewelry // Stratosphere

Layer upon layer upon layer of goth godliness and glamour. I LOVE wearing anything by Carolyn. She has an eye for ‘more is more’ that only a decadent exhibitionist can truly appreciate. A vial of blood here, a giant bat face on a 12-foot cape there, a casual light-up 8-piece elephant jewellery set over there….Yes. Please.

Oculto Masks // Volume Studio

“Just make sure not to touch the razor mask. It is truly beautiful but they are real razors and you will totally cut yourself” says one of the models at rehearsal about one of Shay’s masks. I think this nicely sums up the collection- beauty with a bite that you’ll have to touch to verify you’re not dreaming!

Faye Tality // High Fidelity

Charlene has more talent than we know what to do with! I’m OBSESSED with the cream brocade coat with 3-foot long tail trains. I’ve never seen anything like it?! It’s a royal wedding for Tim Burton friends and I can’t decide whether I would want to be the bride or the groom. Keep your eyes on this one!

Lindsey Kapitzke // Sugar Skull

The rainbow sequin, red silk lined jacket was one of the first pieces I saw after being brought onto team Shine in May. She’s a Calgary designer and I knew we had to get those garments shipped in!! Well yes, it was even more exquisite in person- our second Blanche Graduate designer who is going to make a big name for herself in this industry!

Beauty By Impairment // Queens

Karin is an absolute DOLL with devotion to glitter and opulent fabrics. Are fashions fit for a queen? Had to say it. :p But really, stunning custom creations that make you want to dance and strut and show off and celebrate….how much better does it get? I need one of the tie waists, could be turned into a cape in a minute, skirts right now.

Sunny’s Bridal // Sukis

Head to toe couture. I was living my Indian princess fairy tale dream in their showroom but seeing the gowns live on their gorgeous models was the real spectacle. Some of their capes had to be lifted with both hands thanks to the meticulously hand-beaded fabrics. How do you pick a favourite colour from a glitter-covered rainbow?

Shiverz // Head Space

DISCO MERMAID, FACE MIRROR CLAW, FLORAL MESH BUTTERFLY SHOULDER, LIGHT UP ROSE BUM. A runway collection does not get more elaborate than this. I knew I could count on Shiverz to serve us ‘never been seen before’ realness and inspire me to get farther outside the box with my own designs.

Nikki Rose // Craft

I want to ask Nikki Rose for an estimate of how many jewels she used to cover her entire collection and if she would turn me into the glittery ecstasy animal of my dreams for a show sometime. This one has a fiery passion for her creations, explosive perfection and haute couture combined to produce a line that continues to top itself!

Lace Embrace // The Lounge

A guru in her industry and a world-famous collector- Melanie’s creations for Lace Embrace make people’s dreams come true on a daily. It is fascinating to watch someone turn a classic corset into thousands of different designs, always something new, making sure you think ‘what is she going to do next?’ Movie star goddess magic was delivered this time!

Boo La La // IN Salon

Boo La La continues to command FUN everywhere they show up. It was a pleasure to style 10 gorgeous men from sexy to outrageous to technically perfect ballet dancers. Mantra at the Boo is ‘Life’s More Fun In Costume’ and I think each model embodied this perfectly on the Shine runway!

Kappler // IS Salon

Jennifer is a perfectionist and you can see the culmination of her efforts in gowns worthy of Marie Antoinette and her companions. How did we manage with an 8-foot cage skirt backstage you will never know, but it’s seriously a blessing to watch someone with that level of dedication bringing forth a pastel rainbow of her soul in fabric form. And you gotta love a quick change! Off with the skirts, on with the shorty shorts, what a perfect grand finale to the SHINE fashion show.

Lead Stylist Notes / Commentary by Dani ‘House of Barnes
Intro by Justin Voitic
Photography by Kuna Lu | Kuna Photography Group
Source from HUSH Magazine


Event | 紀實, Fashion | 時尚
RED – A Celebration of Colour, Couture, Community and Caring

On Friday night, I donned a red skirt and attended RED – A Celebration of Colour, Couture, Community and Caring at the Commodore Ballroom. RED was presented by The Positive Living Society of British Columbia and was a fabulous & fun event in support of people living with HIV.

Dani Barnes of House of Barnes & Boo La La Costumes was looking FLAWLESS!

As Western Canada’s largest AIDS service organization, Positive Living BC provides peer-based wellness programs to over 5,700 people living with HIV in British Columbia. With such a great turnout and a sold-out crowd, monies raised at RED will sustain programs that help foster health and well being.

April Peter’s designs were beautifully romantic and a definite highlight of the evening! Over 100 artists in the Vancouver arts community collaborated to bring us the shows we enjoyed Friday night at the event. There was a truly positive vibe in the air, and we all had a lot of fun as we showed our support. It was wonderful to see so many talented and familiar faces come out and show solidarity towards the Positive Living Society of BC.

I was dressed by the creative Dani Barnes of House of Barnes and Boo La La Costumes, who put me in a gender-bending RED number that fit perfectly with the event. She paired my look with an extreme Carolyn Bruce steampunk statement necklace which we lovingly nicknamed “Don’t Touch The Boobs” My makeup was done by the Dior team at Hudson’s Bay downtown. I was feeling myself like the emoji of the Spanish lady rocking the red dress. I was getting hit on by some handsome lesbians in dapper suits while having the time of my life!

After the VIP Reception which included complimentary bubbles and delicious doughnut bites passed around by the beautiful Ron Wear and Alexia Fairbrother, we mingled with some of Vancouver’s hottest fashionistas.

Kuna & I made the rounds and stopped by a raffle game which was presented by the always wonderful “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence” including two of their newest “Postulants” who hope to be inducted into the sisterhood, which always gives back to the LGBT community.

Dean Thullner, the Event Producer did a fantastic job of the evening, which went off without a hitch. The host of the evening was Steven Schelling, and we were moved by Valerie Nicholson’s speech, the Chair of The Positive Living Society of BC who was met with a standing ovation.

After the Live Auction put on by David C. Jones, it was time to enjoy the theatrical fashion shows of the evening! The RED Runway show was underway, with a theme that shows us the experience of two people living with HIV interpreted through fashion, music and live performance.

The standout Fashion Shows that gave me life were “Male Trade & Female Trade” by Dani Barnes & Boo La La Costumes, which was a super fun romp through different styles of uniform and had the crowd clapping, laughing and smiling.

“CEOS” was local eco-fashion favourite Nicole Bridger‘s all business collection. “Corporate Ho’s” was also different styles of business attire beautifully tailored by local fashion designer Connally McDougall.

“Chicks” was S&M and bondage-inspired and was an edgy collection of the different seasons of designer Evan Clayton’s work.

Carlotta Gurl and Brent Ray Fraser made quite an impression on the crowd as they rocked every inch of the stage during the shows giving us the performance value.

After the show which was musically produced by one of my faves DJ Skylar Love, we rocked out to a set by the hunky DJ Adam Dreaddy who also never disappoints!

All in all, fun was had and money was raised for an excellent cause. From the looks on everyone’s faces, we all had a wonderful evening. Thanks again for having us! Until next time.

Writing by  Justin Voitic 
Photography by  Kuna Lu | Kuna Photography Group 
Source from HUSH Magazine


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New Silk Road (新絲路) Fashion Glamour
New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour - New Cover 新絲路 2015

New Cover 2015 – New Silk Road (新絲路) Fashion Glamour is presented by J.LI MODELS, organized by New Silk Road, CCTV.COM, CNTVNA.COM, was held on Feb, 17th 2015 at River Rock Theatre. The New Cover is an International modelling Contest. The purpose of the event is to provide a great platform for passionate individuals to build their top-modelling career and also to present the perfect fusion of fashion in the East and the West. The winner wins an amazing all-expenses-paid trip to China to represent New Cover and North America in China’s largest and most prestigious model search – The New Silk Model Look Contest and have an opportunity to win a modelling contract with China’s top agency.

New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour - New Cover 新絲路 2015

Tonight, all 15 contestants are competing for the champion. Here, I am presenting you the highlight photographs of the night! captured by me, Kuna Lu

New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour - New Cover 新絲路 2015

Opening, all audience were wowed by energetic red dressy models dance performance and cat walking.

New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour - New Cover 新絲路 2015

Tonight, three fashion brands, JAC, Jacqueline Conor, Sofia & Boboli, were showcased.

New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour - New Cover 新絲路 2015
New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour - New Cover 新絲路 2015

After the fashion show, our attention was captured by a beautiful Chinese dance – Royal Datang. The dance was performing Betty Lu by a famous dancer who is a formal dancer of Cindy Yang Dance Academy, as well as Miss World Canada 215 delegate. This spectacular dancing with sophisticated customs heated up the atmosphere of the scene.

New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour - New Cover 新絲路 2015

Follow by that is one of the highlights that all audiences were waiting for, a swimming wear competition. These specific outfits were purposely designed for tonight with elegant Chinese patterns mixed with colours of blue and white.

New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour - New Cover 新絲路 2015

Lastly, another highlight of the night, was the evening wear section by Karmn.

New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour - New Cover 新絲路 2015

Allow me to introduce two celebrities – Jessie Li & 王東媛. They both are experienced and well-known talented models in the industry. Jessie, a founder of J.Li Model, as well as the presenter of tonight. Thanks to her for bringing this remarkable show – New Cover 新絲路. 王東媛 is one of the special guests who just won a second-place for 22nd New Silk Road Super Model title, graduated from 2014 Super Model Academy, a reality model life TV show in China. She is here to crown our lucky winner.

New Silk Road North America Fashion Glamour - New Cover 新絲路 2015

Congratulation to all ladies. You all are the best! No matter you have won any title tonight, this fantastic experience will nourish you from now on. I sincerely wish all the winners with a bright future, shine on the stage of the world.


Fashion | 時尚
Elegant Walk at Gastown

The beautiful story began with a talented designer Mandy fashion while she travelled overseas for seeking Vancouver editorial photographer.

After her research, she narrows down the specific style that she is after for choosing the right candidate for this fashion project. And that’s how everything began at Steveston’s cafe shop. We all agree to focus on vintage fashion flavour and decided on having the theme set at Gastown. This historical location is full of artistic feel flow in the air. A lot of bricks’ texture and colour fulfil the scene that we are after. Of course, with Mandy’s skilful creation, we are able to capture stunning images through every shutter click. Mandy’s status is not only limited to fashion designer, she is also a famous model in China. With multiple identities, Mandy is able to enrich the content and visual interest into every photograph.

Mandy Fashion Collection
Mandy Fashion Collection
Mandy Fashion Collection
Mandy Fashion Collection

Simple Black with white bead decorate. Best match with Autumn season.

Mandy Fashion Collection
Mandy Fashion Collection
Mandy Fashion Collection

Personally, I am a big fan of the sleeves design and light pattern on the material. Reminds me of the white butterfly.

Mandy Fashion Collection

Beautiful Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Mandy Fashion Collection
Mandy Fashion Collection
Mandy Fashion Collection

Pink. Shine at the universe.

Mandy Fashion Collection
Mandy Fashion Collection

Funky! Always amazed by those pretty colour combinations. Simple Elegant!

Make-up: Maggie Liu & Ashley Chou
Hair: Maggie Liu
Design: Mandy by B
Model: Mandy Bao
Photography: Kuna Lu