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Vancouver Portrait Photographer | 溫哥華人像寫真攝影:漢服冬雪

To accomplish things, sometimes we really need some luck at the right time and place.  This Hanfu photoshoot is due to such a coincidence.


Since it was during the Christmas holidays and the weather was awful and snowy, a suitable shooting day was hard to come by.  On the one hand, it needs a day without snow and rain, and it must be before the snow melts. Furthermore, it must be a day that is convenient for all participants involving the photography session.  Thinking about it seems like a mission impossible.  However, we were blessed and happened to meet all the conditions on that only day. Surprisingly the weather was sunny, and we could feel the kiss of sunshine. Thankfully, all of our ideas could be fulfilled. Thank you!


In addition to being able to withstand the cold when shooting in snow, there are more realistic challenges in actual execution.  This time, we encountered the biggest snowfall in Vancouver in the past 70 or 80 years. Walking will be difficult due to the deep snow covering, and it is even more challenging for models with long skirts.  It will also cause the dilemma of missing half of the legs and feet in the shooting picture because the bottom part of the body is stuck in the snow.  The shooting process was also sluggish due to the impact of frozen fingers, and the brain function and reaction were reduced. It is so hard to concentrate and think much while shooting. Ha.  These are some behind-the-scenes secrets and challenges of shooting snow scenes.


Originally, the model wanted to try to shoot in a park. Due to the difficulty of walking and the fact that there are tall buildings behind and the high contrast created by sunlight, we gave up the original plan and resolutely chose the location nearby.  On the one hand, it conforms to the original quiet blue tone setting, and all the details of the shape and clothing can be more completely preserved under the shadows; it allows the model to interpret the vicissitudes and desolation of the winter snow perfectly.  I also tried to enter the community on the side and chose to use rocks and trees as the background to give full play to the wild atmosphere of the natural green.


Later, on the way to our commute, we accidentally found this perfect spot next to the road. A place where small red fruits are on the trees, adding a neat red colour touch to the white. And matching red brick on the side to give more visual and story elements in the camera frame. Everything seemed to be a little surprise presented in front of our eyes;  A perfect shooting condition and environment.  Immediately, I pull over my car next to the road and get myself ready to shoot for my hard-working model.


This is our very first collaboration, and it was a rare snow scene opportunity. It makes our first experience to be a difficult snow scene HanFu photoshoot.  I’m distraught that the model will be frozen in a daze!  Especially compared to me who is wearing a big coat. I couldn’t stand the cold wind while my model tried so hard to perform in such light clothes. I honestly feel thankful for my model who accomplished the difficult task of producing these breathtaking photographs. 


The outcome we received was way beyond expectations!  Thanks to model Catherine for her full assistance and interpretation. For best quality results, she hardly sleeps the night before for preparation. Sincerely feel thankful for everything went extremely well during the photography session so all the plans can be fulfilled. Especially we bump into that perfect shooting spot, it really made our day! 

成品出乎預期的好!感謝模特Catherine 全力協助與演繹,為了最好的成品,幾乎沒睡在努力的她。感謝天公作美,讓一切計畫能實現,更錦上添花讓我們有幸拍的預期之外上上作的機會。


Photo Credits //

model: @catch_catherine
styling: @catch_catherine
location: @vancouver
photo: @kunaphotography @kunacosplay @kunaportrait
editing: @catch_catherine @kunaphotography


Speicla | 優惠

Xmas Holiday Mini Session

A big thank you to everyone who supported our Xmas mini session last year. The family unit involved in the mini-session exceeded our expectations. This year we found a brand new location and had the pleasure of partnering with MiiX Interiors to bring you and your family fresh new looks. Let’s be excited to announce the 2022 limited-time offer is open for pre-orders

非常感謝去年支持我們的所有人。參與拍攝的家庭單位完全超出我們的預期。今年我們找到了一個嶄新的地點,並有幸與MiiX Interiors合作,為您與您的家人帶來不一樣的全新風采。讓我們熱烈地宣布 2022年限时优惠方案開放預約!

Mini Session Rules

* Please enter 10 minutes before your reserved photo session. Arriving late may result in your disqualification or shorten your session

* 請在您的預約拍攝前10分入場。遲到可能會導致您失去拍攝資格,或者損失您的拍攝時數

* Free parking spots are available

* 現場有提供免費停車

Photo Session Detail

Date // November 5th to 13th
Time // weekend 10am to 7pm & weekday TBA
Location // 101-  5520 Minoru Blvd, Richmond (MiiX Interiors)

* 20-minute photo studio mini session 

* 20分鐘拍攝寫真

* two Christmas theme backdrops

* 兩個聖誕主題佈景 

* one family unit (including 2 adults and max 3 children) any extra adult/child is $25 + GST /per person 

* 一个家庭单位(两位成人+ 最多三名孩童)任何額外的成人與兒童每位是 $25 + GST

* Xmas mini session special deal is $300 + GST.

* 聖誕優惠套餐 $300 + GST

* package includes a review gallery, light image editing and ten 8×10 (3000 pixels) downloadable digital images of your choice

* 攝影套餐包含預覽相簿、十張自選簡修可自行下載電子圖檔8×10 (3000相素)


phone / 電話 — 778.223.5697 Natalia

WeChat / 微信 — ID canadawife

EMT 電子轉帳 to [email protected]


* Full payment is required for reservations. Please EMT to [email protected]. In addition, please provide your name, appointment time and the name used for EMT when making an appointment, so that the staff can register and confirm it for you

* 預約拍攝需全額付款。請EMT至[email protected]。另外預約時請提供姓名、預約時段及EMT所使用的名字,以方便工作人員為您登記與確認。

* No refunds after booking (cancellation or missing the session will receive a photo credit towards any sessions in the future) 

* 預訂後不予退款 (取消或錯過拍攝可將其用作將來使用)

* The preview gallery will be ready within 1-2 weeks after the photo session

* 線上預覽相冊將在拍攝後1-2個星期工作日後公布

* Extra digital copy is $40 + GST with light touch up

* 額外電子圖檔含簡修服務的金額是$40 + GST

* The maximum amount for extra digital negatives is $400+GST. Once the maximum is reached, the buyer is automatically granted the right to receive all digital images

* 額外購買電子圖檔最高金額上限是$400+GST。達到即可獲得全部電子圖檔

* Fine digital editing (including complex retouching treatments such as hair finishing, skin treatment, clothing finishing, etc.) is available with an additional $15 + GST /per image

* 提供額外精修服務 (包含頭髮整理、膚質處理、衣物整理等繁複的修圖處理) 金額是每張$15 + GST


Commercial | 商攝

Vancouver Product Photographer | Omega 手錶商業產品攝影

Product photography is one of the most challenging types of photography.


Especially the presentation of the atmosphere and texture created by the artificial studio lighting.


Thank you very much for this client’s trust in me and for giving me this opportunity to showcase his beautiful Omega watches.


Let’s grab the popcorn and admire this spectacular piece of artisan work with that fine detail.


Photo Credits //

photo: @kunaphotography


Portraiture | 人像寫真

Vancouver Portrait Photographer | 溫哥華寫真 – 秋色 x 美麗

Autumn is my favourite season among other seasons. Because of its chill temperature and colours that make everything in front of the eyes like a piece of art painting.


It is an honour to work with the beautiful model Julia. To capture the beautiful her within VanCity colour autumn colour.

很榮幸能與美女模特Julia合作。在 VanCity 色彩中捕捉美麗的她。



Photo Credits //

model: Julia Lu
photo: @kunaportrait feat @kunaphotography


Portraiture | 人像寫真

Vancouver Portrait Photographer | 溫哥華寫真 – 思念你是甚麼顏色

Hey, do you know that you are the one I am await for?


Smile because I have you in my heart.


Haruki Murakami’s book is one of the few books that will make me feel very calm. Love his delicate and simple wording narrative. Feel so close to his character’s state of mind as my breathing; that kind of fit and nature.


Joy, because looking at the same book as you, savouring the things you once thought.


Afternoon, leisurely.
Chew a book and let the mind fly.


Charming eyes, like the stars in the night.
Watching secretly so you don’t notice.


Photo Credits //

photo: @kunaportrait feat @kunaphotography


Cosplay | 角色扮演

Vancouver Cosplay Photographer | 溫哥華Cosplay寫真攝影:Re:從零開始的異世界生活 – Rem 雷姆

Rem with the mask gives that mysterious touch. Attract your attention to pictures and guess the face under the black face mask.


My heart, my everything, is only for you.


This is her first experience in cosplay and a real studio setting photoshoot. I am honoured to have her dress and play this iconic character from world-famous anime.


The shooting process was unexpectedly smooth, even with zero experience, the preparation, styling, and action performance were all so dedicated.


Come into my arms


I am sincerely honoured to be able to shoot at Patisserie Fur Elise, the Vancouver historical building. And it’s one of the unique high tea places located in downtown Vancouver with an elegant and vintage atmosphere.

非常榮幸能夠在溫哥華歷史建築Patisserie Fur Elise中拍攝。它是溫哥華市中心獨特的下午茶場所之一,氣氛優雅且復古。

This is the first part of Rem. Stay tuned for the second one that is coming soon.


Photo Credits //

source: Re:ゼロから始める異世界生活 / Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World
character: #rem #雷姆
coser: @rin_nnmio
styling: @no.r_ain
photo: @kunacosplay feat @kunaportrait @cosplay
editing: @rinnnsal @kunaphotography
location: @patisseriefurelise


Beauty | 彩妝造型, Fashion | 時尚, Portraiture | 人像寫真

SilkRoad Super Model Academy – Doreen Wang


She is my good friend, a talented, knowledgeable and confident girl.


This is our bold attempt and innovation. The styling is something that she has never touched before. We simply only use one backdrop paper, plus lights and colour gels trying to bring out the different looks of Doreen Wang.


A girl from China, revealing the temperament of the Western supermodel. Her poses and movements are precisely and vivid in front of the camera.

這位來自中國的女孩,透著西方超模的氣質。 她的姿勢和動作在鏡頭前準確、生動且內斂。

Special thanks to our talented makeup artist Summer. Without her, there would be no such vivid works this time. thank you so much!!


model: @doreen_nn
make-up/hair: @summerluomua
photo: @kunaphotography