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A Surprise from Kiriri

Kiriri’s Kaseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese cuisine. It refers to the collections of skills & techniques.


First glance at this wonderful course. It is really amazing with its value and presentation. The bowl on the upper left corner is a three-layer container, shaped like a gourd.


Kaseki definitely is a great lunch choice. The course includes Sashimi, Clear Soup (sake clam soup*), Appetizer, Sunomono, Kobachi, Grilled Fish, Deep Fried or Simmered Dish, Sushi, Pickles, Sweets. It is really hard to decide on what goes for my first bite. Everything really opens up my appetizer and stimulate my palate like I am in heaven.


Yummy small taro with vegetable and light meat sauce.


A BBQ light miso-marinated fish with white radish mud and lemon to naturalize the fish oily and add a little fresh aroma.


Sashimi offered by Kiriri is one of the neatest pieces I ever had. The edge of every sashimi piece was trimmed by the chef’s excellent knife skill during the preparation.


Speciality sushi designed by the chef of Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar.


Lucky to have a chance to taste this art piece. Delegate course with a fish rod, mango, tuna fish, avocado and fish rice. Side with seaweed and Japanese ginger. This dish will be modified depending on the season and the chef’s choice.


Sesame Crème Brûlée topping with mixeded fresh fruits. Certainly is the best finish for completing this spectacular Kiriri Kaiseki set.


This unbelievable meal course only cost me $23 CAD during lunchtime. It is definitely is a treasure for VanCity is interested to taste out true Japanese fine dining.


Kiriri is a simple Japanese Restaurant hidden in Richmond, located at Blundell Rd + Garden City (Westside); right next to the post office. There isn’t any extra, including pictures on the menu, fancy interior or decor, They only focus on quality, devoted their time to the food and service.

Kiriri是一家隱藏在Richmond的一家日料餐廳。位於Blundell + Garden City (Westside),郵局的旁邊。沒有任何的多餘,菜單上沒有圖片、店內沒有任何複雜的裝潢或設計。有的是廚師的匠人堅持與付出。一心一意只為了做出最美味的料理。

Not only fine delicious cuisine can be enjoyed here, experiencing the true Japanese profession is a magnificent joy. I love this restaurant so much because I always feel this unexplainable happiness after dining there. They made me understand the abstract meaning of a chef’s love and effort; an exaggerated description only exists in manga and TV drama. This restaurant is
truly in no.1 place inside my heart.


Writing by Kuna / 柯嵐
Photography by Kuna | Kuna Photography