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Floral Symphony Soiree: Freywille Pure Art & Grandi’s Atelier

Invitation Freywille Grandi's Atelier
A beautiful invite for a gorgeous affair! The Four Seasons mezzanine was abuzz with beautiful jewellery, clothing and fashion on June 12th.
Floral Symphony Soiree
In attendance was (L) Jamal Abdourahman, Vancouver Fashion Week, (C) Helen Siwak of THECloset YVR, (R) Manuel Bernaschek, Showcase Pianos/Fazioli.
Freywille is the world’s finest fire enamel jewellery, inspired by art and hand-crafted in Vienna, paired up with the beautiful bespoke designs of Grandi’s Atelier, for a wonderful soiree at the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver.grandi's atelier, four seasons, freywille The models moved in and around attendees and showcased the beautiful crisp lines and beautiful colour palette of the Granada Collection that we all loved at Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2015. grandi's atelier, four seasons, freywillegrandi's atelier, freywille, four seasons The mood was set with classical music by Yaletown String Quartet, petite plates of delicious bites and the long lean models posing delicately like porcelain dolls in their dresses and jewellery.grandi's atelier, four seasons, freywille Attendee’s dressed so chic and here are some of the eye-catching outfits. Delicate body chains, patterns, stripes and solid pastels. Gorgeous eye-candy!grandi's atelier, four seasons, freywillegrandi's atelier, four seasons, freywille Visit Grandi’s Atelier and ask for your 10% off new clients discount on a beautiful bespoke outfit. Freywille is located on 511 Howe Street and online.
  Writting: Helen Siwak Photography: Kuna Lu | Kuna Photography Group Source: THEClosetYVR (Kitsilano Kitty’s Closet) EcoLuxury Lifestyle Magazine

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A Floral Symphony Soiree by FREYWILLE & Grandi’s Atelier

To kick off the 2015 Summer Season with elegance & fun; Kuna Photography Group & I checked out a gorgeous event at the Four Seasons Vancouver called “A Floral Symphony Soiree” Photography: Kuna Lu | Facebook: Flickr: As we entered, I was taken back not only by the stunning floral arrangements placed on the walls and around the room, but by how much the FREYWILLE cuffs & other selection ofFREYWILLE jewelry stood out with pops of colour & patterns which pay homage to legendary artists like Claude Monet – Divine Beauty! Photography: Kuna Lu | Facebook: Flickr: FREYWILLE Jewelry Designs were paired beautifully with the impeccable construction by designer Grandi – the owner of Grandi’s Atelier. Her dresses & designs are custom made for women & are gorgeous & soft with clean lines and silhouettes. Photography: Kuna Lu | Facebook: Flickr: Grandi, the owner of Grandi’s Atelier standing proud with her custom made design. Photography: Kuna Lu | Facebook: Flickr: I attended this event with the talented Carmen Ruiz Y Laza from JoyTv, CarmenTv & her assistant Perryn Thiessen, we met some fabulous people together while Kuna Lu worked the room, snapping pretty images which fit the theme of “A Floral Symphony Soiree” Photography: Kuna Lu | Facebook: Flickr: Capapes were passed around the room while lush strings played by musicians and fashionista’s mixed & mingled sharing smiles and laughter, exchanging business cards. Photography: Kuna Lu | Facebook: Flickr: It was a pleasure to meet Youtube Comedienne sensation Linda Dong, (pictured above, right) who has been making me laugh with her videos and has risen to over one million viewers quickly! Photography: Kuna Lu | Facebook: Flickr: To conclude, I saluted Summer, sipped cocktails, enjoyed delicious food, admired beautiful dresses & gazed at gorgeous jewelry  – just as the invite suggested. Thanks to Freywille Vancouver, Grandi’s Atelier & The Four Seasons Vancouver for having me! Until next time!   Writing: Justin Voitic Photo: Kuna Lu | Kuna Photography Group Source: Hush Magazine