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Christmas Craft Fair

Circle craft is an annual Vancouver event. It showcases many neat artists’ works, the so-called Christmas fair. I have been going this year since more than 7 or 8 years ago. It has changed its location from Canada Place to Convention Centre West now.

Every year, there is over 300 booth showcase in beautiful VanCity. The crafts include many varieties from fashion garments, hats, scarf, jewellery, women’s accessories to flower art, glass art, sophisticated crafts. Moreover, baby outfits, photography, printing, sweets, chocolate, mushroom, salmon fish cans and more.

Like many events, the organization often is the key to determining how you feel about the event; how organized and those little neat thinking for the customer how to visit the show. Circle craft never failed to surprise me every year with their improvement. The floor plan is simple and easy to navigate. A lot of chairs are placed in two main aisles for people to take a break. Springwater was also placed on the end of the aisles for thirty customers. At end of the booth, is where all the food-related vendors are. Also, the resting area with food and drinks for order.

A detailed information website is provided lists all the ticket prices and showtime on each day for anyone planning their trip easy. Of course, well promotion on all the media. Everyone is able to know about the event through moving transit buses’ body advertising, as well as the street banner on Granville bridge.

The signage is also placed in an obvious location for direct traffic. No matter your local or visitor. You are able to find the showplace without hassle.

I am so pleased and enjoy the live jazz music they set up for this year. Never be that enjoy walking around while listening to beautiful jazz next to my ear.

There is one new change this year which I enjoy very much – live jazz/music show. The circle craft always has one section showcasing musician or dancer performance. However, it has always been placed on another side somehow separate from the main craft show area, a bit isolated. However, the situation has changed for this year. The small live performance area is located in the centre of the show. Therefore, I am able to hear beautiful melodies flow in the air while busying walking around and checking out every creative booth.

We often go after work, after 5pm, to enjoy the two for one price. The whole show really requires at least 3 hours time to fully enjoy every booth. For first time visitors, leave yourself more than 3 hours time just in case. Another great thing provided by circle craft is they are allowed re-entry. If you are so enjoying the show, and love to come back again the day after. Simply fill in the form before heading out to the convention centre.

Who is the lucky winner dor $1,000 shopping spree?

Lastly, don’t forget to fill in the lucky draw for a $1,000 shopping spree. As you can see in the picture, that giant glass container is already filled up with so many people’s draw. I can imagine they probably have to take out some for the weekend people to come. We truly enjoy the show again this year. So look forward again next year.