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Editorial | 雜誌
The beautiful story began with a talented designer Mandy fashion while she traveled oversea for seeking Vancouver editorial photographer. After her research, she narrow down specific style that she is after for choosing the right candidate for this fashion project. And that’s how everything began at Steveston’s cafe shop. We all agree to focus on vintage fashion flavour and decided on have the theme set at Gastown.This historical location full with artistic feel flow in the air. A lot of bricks texture and colour fulfill the scene that we are after. Of course, with Mandy’s skillful creation, we are able to capture stunning images through every shutter click. Mandy’s status is not only limited at fashion designer, she is also a famous model in China. With multiple identities, Mandy able to enrich the content and visual interest into every photographs. Mandy B Collection Mandy Fashion Collection Mandy Fashion Collection Mandy B Collection Simple Black with white bead decorate. Best match with Autumn season. Mandy Fashion Collection Mandy Fashion Collection Mandy Fashion Collection Personally, I am big fan of the sleeves design and light pattern on the material. Reminds me the white butterfly. Mandy Fashion Collection Beautiful Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Mandy Fashion Collection Mandy Fashion Collection Mandy Fashion Collection Pink. Shine at universe. Mandy Fashion Collection Mandy Fashion Collection Mandy Fashion Collection Funky! Always amazed by those pretty colour combination. Simple Elegant! Make-up: Maggie Liu & Ashley Chou Hair: Maggie Liu Design: Mandy by B Model: Mandy Bao Photography: Kuna Lu