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Japanese Cuisine Kaiseki

Kiriri Kaseki is a traditional multi-course Japanese cuisine. It refers to the collections of skills & techniques. 懷石料理,一種傳統的日本複合式料理,是技術與技巧的美麗邂逅。 First glance of this wonderful course. It is really amazing with its value and presentation. The bowl on the upper left corner is a three layer container, shaped as gourd. 當餐品端上面前的那一刻,實在很難不被眼前的呈現感到震撼。尤其左上角那個是三層堆疊起如葫蘆班形狀的承具。 Kaseki definitely is a great lunch choice. The course includes Sashimi, Clear Soup (sake clam soup*), Appetizer, Sunomono, Kobachi, Grilled Fish, Deep Fried or Simmered Dish, Sushi, Pickles, Sweets.  It is really hard to decide on what goes for my first bite. Everything really opens up my appetizer and stimulate my palate like I am in heaven. 這套懷石料理是非常超值的午餐首選。料理本身包含了刺身、清酒蛤蠣清湯、前菜、醃漬菜、烤魚、油炸或煨的小點、壽司,醬菜和甜品 A yummy small taro with vegetable and light meat sauce. 美味綿密的小芋頭與少了醬色清淡版的台式肉燥。 A BBQ light miso marinated fish with white radish mud and lemon to naturalize the fish oily and add a little fresh aroma. 味增鹽烤魚,搭配去油膩增加芬香的白蘿蔔泥與檸檬。 Sashimi offered by Kiriri is one of neatest piece I ever had. The edge of every sashimi piece were trimmed by chef’s excellent knife skill during the preparation. 值得一提,Kiriri的每片刺身都經過廚師高超的刀工處理。尤其原本四方的刺身,每個角街是圓潤的圓弧形。 Specialty sushi designed by chef of Kiriri Japanese Cuisine & Sushi Bar. Kiriri的廚師巧思與創意壽司。 Lucky to have a chance to taste this art piece. Delegate course with fish rod, mango, tuna fish, avocado and fish rice. Side with seaweed and Japanese ginger. This dish will be modified depending on the season and chef choice. 很幸運我嚐到了這份如法式料理的主菜。這倒是結合鮪魚、魚子、牛油果、芒果與刺身飯的圓舞曲。旁邊還有生薑與海帶絲一起品用。這道主餐會因為季節與廚師的決定而有所變動。 Sesame Crème Brûlée topping with mix fresh fruits. Certainly is a best finish for completed this spectacular Kiriri Kaiseki set. 甜品是黑芝麻焦糖布丁,上面鋪滿了新鮮的水果。為這懷石料理畫下一個劃下一個暫時的休止符。 This unbelievable meal course only cost me $23 CAD during the lunch time. It is definitely is a treasure for VanCity who is interested to taste out true Japanese fine dining. 這套難以置信的午餐供應美味只要$23加幣。絕對是溫哥華一大福音。對正宗日餐有興趣的朋友值得一探究竟。 Kiriri is a simple Japanese Restaurant hided in Richmond, located at Blundell Rd + Garden City (Westside); right next to the post office. There isn’t any extra, including pictures on the menu, fancy interior or decor, They only focus on quality, devoted their time on the food and service. Kiriri是一家隱藏在Richmond的一家日料餐廳。位於Blundell + Garden City (Westside),郵局的旁邊。沒有任何的多餘,菜單上沒有圖片、店內沒有任何複雜的裝潢或設計。有的是廚師的匠人堅持與付出。一心一意只為了做出最美味的料理。 Not only fine delicious cuisine can be enjoyed here, experiencing the true Japanese profession is a magnificent joy. I love this restaurant so much because I always feel this unexplainable happiness after dining there. They made me understanding a abstract meaning of chef’s love and effort; an exaggerated description only exist in manga and TV drama. This restaurant truly in no1 place inside my heart. 除了美味外,這是一家可以在海外溫哥華真切體驗到日本料理的精隨與心意。每次將食材送進口中,咀嚼與品味的同時,心中總是油然升起一種滿滿的幸福感。那種總是在電視劇中,所謂的抽象又誇大的廚師用心,又或者漫畫中那種閃光乍現亮瞎眼、龍騰飛舞地形容,我真真實實的可以在這家餐廳內感受得到。我心中第一餐廳的位置,非Kiriri莫屬。   Photography: Kuna Lu | Kuna Photography Group Writing: Kuna Lu